Pressure regulators in the Series 1800c are designed for use with natural gas and have a compact, easy-to-install, lightweight style. A large range of exhaust pressure and flow speeds are given by interchangeable orifices. A maximum volume internal relief is possible for the 1800C or the 1800C and 1800C-HC regulators. Performance pressures are between 3.5″ W.C. to 2 PSIG. Operating temperature range is -20°F to 150°F (-30°C to 65°C).

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1813C l 1813C-HC l 1843C l 1843C-HC l 1853C w/ USSA l 1853C-HC w/ USSA

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The overpressure shut-off controls of the 1800C and 1800C-HC series are also available for functional purposes, inspection and maintenance was streamlined of the 1800C and 1800C-HC series controls. If maintenance by the regulator is required, repair parts are provided. Valve seat (1) and valve (7) inspection on the field can be carried out. Follow the following protocol. Care should be taken to avoid the admission of international matter into the regulator. Control protocol for the Valve Seat Disk and Orifice Shut off all flow downstream the control unit to search for the capacity of the control unit to shut off entirely (lock up). The pressure at the lock-up is marginally higher than the preset pressure. However the regulator must be repaired as the pressure begins to increase after 3 seconds.30 seconds observing.Controls Supply Chain provides things including heat pumps, groundwater injection systems, gas meters, gas regulators, friction gages, pressure controllers, balance valves, globa valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, rotor actuator valves with rotary valves, pressures, manual valves and filters.



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