BD-RMG 226VR MK3 and 226HVR MK3

The RMG 320 gas pressure regulator has been designed to maintain a steady outlet tension of the gas medium in the controlled system, regardless of the impact of disrupting variables such as inlet strain and/or air changes. The outlet force to be monitored is fed through the measuring column into the diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm, relative to the predetermined spring quality, stores the real production stress level. The separation contributed to a simple change in the location of the central valve through the valve string. The resulting shift is the sum of the current production pressure and the set point. The system is totally null in use.The central valve is aligned against the input stress and can be installed to varying diameters of the seat valve.

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BD-RMG 226VR MK3 and 226HVR MK3

The output energy is regulated by the SAV control unit at the reference point (internal or external). When the standard release values are hit, the SAV diaphragm sensor travels to the proper release position with the tripping device, the ball release mechanism releases the valve rod and the SAV regulator screws.



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