BD-RMG 277 Gas pressure regulator

BD-RMG 277 is a spring-loaded and reversing lever gas pressure control device. The controller has a fully independent control and safety valve feature. The cage can be turned in increments of 45 degrees. For optimal mounting location, proportional to the body. The body can be built, preserved and checked by extracting the line cartridges. BD-RMG 277 also provides a large inlet and outlet pressure collection, which is achieved by means of an adjustable central diaphragm and springs. The external pulse control device is attached to the Rc 1/2. The device can be controlled inside or outside the internal relief valve.

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BD-RMG 277 Gas pressure regulator

For particular installations such as indoor systems, different versions of the devices are required without any airflow requirements. In comparison, the optional fixed factor billing model (PFM) is valid for applications involving + /-1 per cent absolute strain.



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