BD-RMG 680R is a spring-controlled twin relief valve, Diaphragm. BD-RMG 680R Security Relief Valve (680 series) is a full range of dual-beat controlled valve regulators that have been developed over a number of years from simple direct-acting versions to auxiliary and power control devices. The pilot may also be equipped with a gas leakage safety valve or a safety diaphragm. The RMG 320 gas pressure regulator consists of the central valve body and the working diaphragm part attached. “The functional component can be easily removed from the main valve assembly after the supporting bolts have been loosened. It is therefore especially easy to maintain. The functional item can be withdrawn at regular maintenance periods and clearly checked.

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The output energy is regulated by the SAV control unit at the reference point (internal or external). When the standard release values are hit, the SAV diaphragm sensor travels to the proper release position with the tripping device, the ball release mechanism releases the valve rod and the SAV regulator screws.


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