RMG 650-FE Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The RMG 650-FE is a regulator Pilot for gas level regulators. RMG 650-FE has an integrated remote control system for RMG 402, RMG 502, RMG 503. Unit comes with Outlet Pressures Pilot for stations of different outlet pressure with electrical setpoint adjustment. The setpoint can be changed from the control room or the manual setpoint can be modified on the electric actuator.
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RMG 650-FE Pilot for gas pressure regulators

The machine solutions for non-aggressive gasses are fitted with ventilation 915. In combination with the Gas Pressure Regulators, the RMMG 650 requires CE clearance in compliance with the PED. The user shall be an integral part of this device. The average allowable pressure for RMG 650-FE is 100 bar. The ATEX standards for all computer accessories.



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